ERC Campaign

May 8, 2015
ERC Campaign

The ERC campaign

will require the release of drop-bodies (DTVs) from three separate balloons.
The aim is to provide tests of three Earth re-entry capsule shapes, to validate the designs and provide a detailed aerodynamic characterization of the selected configurations via free flights by means of balloon drop tests.
A total of six capsules will be tested. The programme is managed by Vorticity Ltd on behalf of the European Space Agency (ESA).

There will be three different test vehicles attached to a suspension bar.
The different vehicles comprise a full-scale ERC test vehicle and a SHAPE test vehicle.

General information

Launch site Esrange Space Center
Launch date 1st drop test launched on June 15

2nd drop-test launched on June 21

3rd drop-test launched on Aug 5

Mass/kg 503,2 kg
Balloon size Zodiac 50SF
Height Flight termination
at ~28 and ~35 km

Contact persons:

Mr. Mark Smith, Project Manager SSC

John Underwood, Vorticity Ltd

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