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SSC offers one of the world’s largest, most flexible and dependable ground station networks, SSC CONNECT.

Throughout our 50-year history, we’ve been a trusted partner for many pioneering space missions, renowned for our unique expertise in operating satellites and the ground segment. If you plan to operate a large satellite platform, small satellite constellation, a lunar vehicle or a rocket launcher, make SSC CONNECT your link between Earth and Space.

Our stations

SSC CONNECT network of ground stations

SSC operates 10 ground stations strategically located around the world for optimum coverage, plus 11 supplementary partner stations.

Esrange Space Center

Launching satellites

Are you planning to operate small satellites and need a launching partner?
At Esrange Space Center in northern Sweden, SSC has now a new site for orbital launches. The new infrastructure stands ready to host reusable rocket tests, engine and fuel tests, as well as launches of satellites, making it the first site on EU territory with orbital launch capability.

Esrange Spaceport illustration

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Press Release, 9 April 2022

Introducing SSC Connect

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