and organization

SSC's space services are carried out by four divisions, led by CEO and his staff under the SSC board; Satellite Management Services, Science Services, Engineering Services and New Ventures.

Board of Directors

Board members elected by the General Meeting 2023

Anna Kinberg Batra
Chair of the Board
John Elvesjö
Member of the Board
Anne Gynnerstedt
Member of the Board
Gunnar Karlson
Member of the Board
Per Lundkvist
Member of the Board
Maria Palm
Member of the Board
Joakim Reiter
Member of the Board
Gunilla Rudebjer
Member of the Board
Per Wahlberg
Member of the Board
Agnetha Sahlin
Member of the Board, Employee Representative
Alf Vaerneus
Employee representative
David Hagsved
Alternate Member of the Board, Employee Representative
Björn Johansson
Alternate Member of the Board, Employee Representative

Executive Committee

Charlotta Sund
CEO from 2023
Nathalie Fortier
President Engineering Services
Stefan Gustafsson
Senior Vice President Strategy & Sustainable Business
Kent Jonsson
Interim CFO
Linda Lyckman
Senior Vice President Business & Technology Innovation
Lennart Poromaa
President Science Services
Nicholas Priborsky
President Satellite Management Services

KPMG AB is the auditor for SSC, with Thomas Mathiesen as the principal auditor.

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