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Whether it’s scientific experiments with a suborbital rocket, stratospheric balloon or ground instrumentation, or help with testing or validation of new technology, SSC’s Science and Launch Services can help. Over the past 60 years we’ve launched more than 1,200 missions on suborbital rockets and stratospheric balloons, and soon we’ll be able to launch small satellites from our world-class space center in northern Sweden. We are your access to Space.

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At SSC we work in a business where agility and fast adaptation goes side by side with reliability, fail-safe and experience-based services. In our staff, we have highly skilled engineers working in various fields in the space business, and we are always ready to study your case and provide recommendations how to support your mission, project or goal. Don't hesitate to contact us for further information.

Henrik Pettersson

Henrik Pettersson

Executive Vice President of Business Development, Science Services

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