Inuvik Station

Inuvik Station

Particularly advantageous for accessing polar orbiting satellites

Inuvik Satellite Station Facility, located in far north Canada, 200 km above the Arctic Circle has an advantageous location for accessing polar orbiting satellites.

Antennas and Basebands

The Inuvik Satellite Station currently houses three SSC-owned antennas, one 7.3 and two 13-meter antennas, plus full integration with two equivalent partner antennas for Telemetry Tracking & Command (TT&C) and data downlink services. The ground station supports multiple frequency bands including S-Band and X-Band as well as an operational office which houses system electronics and data processing equipment.


The location above the Arctic Circle is particularly advantageous for accessing polar orbiting satellites. The Inuvik Satellite Station is an important node in SSC’s global network of ground stations. Its favorable location allows reception of all passes of polar-orbiting satellites.

The “Kinuvik” concept – the dual use of SSC ground stations in Inuvik and Kiruna (Esrange Space Center) – offers the capability for satellite contacts on all orbits during one day. It also provides the benefit of possible long duration passes which significantly increases the amount of data that can be downlinked from polar-orbiting satellites.

Today, SSC features the world’s most advanced polar connectivity – based on a unique relationship between Sweden and Canada. Read more about SSC’s Canadian heritage.

Image: The SSC art antenna “Brage”, painted by Anick Jenks.

General information

Lat 68°24' North
Long 133°30' West
City Inuvik
Country Canada

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