Clewiston Satellite Station

Clewiston Satellite Station

Frequently used for Earth observation satellites

Antennas and Basebands

The Clewiston Satellite Station includes a single antenna with capabilities for Telemetry Tracking & Command (TT&C) and data downlink services. The station supports S-Band uplink and dual X-Band downlink. The station also includes an operational office which houses system electronics and data processing equipment.


The Clewiston Satellite Station is located near Clewiston which is approximately in the center of the Florida peninsula from east to west. The station is located at 26º 44′ North latitude and 81º 2′ West longitude and is situated 5 m above sea level.The location is particularly advantageous for accessing low-inclination and equatorial orbiting satellites. It is frequently used for Earth observation satellites. It complements the South Point Satellite Station for low-inclination spacecraft support.

General information

Lat 26°44' North
Long 81°02' West
City Clewiston
State Florida
Country USA

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