Ågesta Station

Ågesta Station

Services for network operators and media outlets

Our Stockholm Teleport Station in Ågesta outside Stockholm provides teleport services using GEO satellites on Ku-band. In general, non-inclined GEO satellites at positions between approximately 45° East and 30° West are visible from the station.

This site includes several receive antennas for the frequency band 10.7 – 12.75 GHz. Some of them have also transmit capability, either in the band 12.8 – 14.5 GHz or 17.3 – 18.4 GHz.

The Stockholm Teleport Station in Ågesta is 15 km south of Stockholm city. This enables easy access to infrastructures such as transportation and  accommodation.

General information

Lat 59°12' North
Long 18°05' East
City Ågesta, Stockholm
Country Sweden

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