SSC introduces SSC CONNECT®

April 6, 2022
SSC introduces SSC CONNECT®


In the past few years, Swedish Space Corporation has made some quick developments within its ground segment activities. To celebrate SSC’s recent upgrades, the company now gather its capabilities and related services under one branded roof: SSC CONNECT®. The name reflects, among other things, the company’s strengthened capabilities such as the launch of the market’s first global Ka-band network for EO missions, multiple investments and uprades of its ground stations and antenna capabilities, as well as the company’s leading position in Lunar connectivity.

“SSC turns 50 years this year but the heritage of this company goes even further back, making us a proud legacy company while investing this experience into our exciting future and the industry we’re all part of. One of many examples is SSC’s rich lunar heritage from supporting the early 70’s Apollo missions,” says Patrik Melvås, Head of Business Development of Satellite Management Services at SSC. He continues:

“We felt that so much has taken place over the past two years that there was a need to consolidate SSC’s identity, as a market leader, into one overarching brand. SSC CONNECT symbolizes the reliable heritage, versatility and forward-leaning identity that we bring to the market when connecting our customers to their spacecraft.”

Over the past few years, SSC has made several investments in upgrading its ground station network, adapting to the transforming market and aiming at future mission support. Among the latest highlights are announcements such as the decision to launch satellites from Esrange Space Center in Swedenthe company’s geographical expansion to Thailandnew antennas for strengthened polar connectivitylaunch of the market’s first global Ka-band network for Earth Observation missions, as well as accelerating the company’s investment in Lunar connectivity. And much more.

Under the SSC CONNECT umbrella, SSC’s satellite communications division will continue to build the company’s identity around its growing capabilities and service offering, including TT&C, Data Reception, LEOP support, Hosting and Lunar communications services

“Today, SSC is a strategic partner to a large diversity of satellite operators and space agencies worldwide, leveraging from our global network of multi-mission ground stations, one of the largest and most advanced in the world. SSC CONNECT is our past and our present, but first and foremost it’s our future. We never stop to evolve as a company and we will keep growing what we do best,” says Patrik Melvås.


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