SSC launches SSA program for safer and more sustainable space operations

March 30, 2021
SSC launches SSA program for safer and more sustainable space operations

Swedish Space Corporation (SSC) launches a new program within Space Situational Awareness (SSA), aiming at contributing to safer and more sustainable space operations. The program will consist of several initiatives addressing detection, tracking, identification of man-made space objects as well as processing, cataloging and analysis of SSA data.

As modern society grows more and more dependent on space technology, driven by the ever-growing need for Space-to-Earth infrastructure, the near-Earth space is becoming more and more crowded. Rapid launches of satellite constellations into popular orbits increase the probability of congestion and the risk of collisions, potentially jeopardizing crucial space missions and also causing financial risks.

“Further utilizing the near-Earth space is important for the continuous development of mankind. Consequently, ensuring future sustainable use of space has never been more important. By leveraging on our extensive experience in space operations and creating strategic partnerships, we will build capabilities that will help actors develop their interests in space in a safe, secure and sustainable manner,” says Jacob Ask, SSA Program Architect at SSC.

The growing need for SSA services by the space sector, including tracking and monitoring satellites and other anthropogenic objects in space, will now become yet another domain for SSC to explore.

Through a number of initiatives, SSC’s SSA program will address the necessity for thorough analysis and monitoring of the increasing number of conjunction events, as well as contribute to reaching a basis for consensus on the exact location of satellites and debris.

“Just as the world’s oceans, our near-Earth space is a finite resource that will need careful monitoring and supervision in order to stay sustainable in the future. The importance of SSA will only grow stronger and stronger in the coming years and SSC is excited to be part of this development,” says Jacob Ask.

As a result of the growing need of SSA solutions, many initiatives are ongoing world-wide, driven by both governments and space agencies. SSC aims to contribute to these efforts by utilizing existing infrastructure and experience to develop new capabilities as well as to participate in strategic partnerships. Dialogues with international and national organizations is ongoing and will continue, exploring future SSA imperatives.

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