SSC Joins the DIFI Consortium

March 4, 2022
SSC Joins the DIFI Consortium

SSC joins the Digital IF Interoperability (DIFI) consortium, an independent space industry group, to work towards interoperability in satellite ground systems.

Digital IF is one enabling technology in the ecosystem of Software Defined Radio, where the signal processing is done in software rather than on specific hardware devices. Traditionally this interface has been through fixed hardware with well-established standards, while the transformation to a digital IF will benefit from an open standardized design running on virtual platforms.

Digital IF enables easy adaption and an open ecosystem of device suppliers and a competitive market of software components. With the addition of Digital IF, SSC together with the industry will enable fully virtualized software defined ground station services.

“We’re excited to be part of DIFI. By joining this consortium we help the industry to establish a common platform that can benefit from the same level of standardization in the digital domain as we have built over the years in the analogue domain. For a major actor like SSC that is serving a large number of different spacecrafts and systems, interoperability is an essential part of our systems. This Digital IF technology enables new service offerings, enabling a higher level of customer integration and service flexibility,” says Petrus Hyvönen, Head of Engineering at SSC.

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