SSC at the TTC summit in Luleå

June 1, 2023
SSC at the TTC summit in Luleå

This week, the EU-US summit Trade and Technology Council (TTC) was held in Luleå in northern Swed. As one of the important societal builders in the Norrbotten region and a strategic space actor in Europe, SSC was there to discuss our future of Swedish space activities as an important part of the transatlantic connection.

The TTC is the primary forum for the EU and US to coordinate strategies on crucial global economic, trade and technology issues, and was established in 2021. The summit in Luleå is essential for both regional development in Norrbotten and transatlantic development between the EU and the US. It is an opportunity for actors from different parts of the world to come together and discuss important issues.

Space in a valuable asset for business activities – internationally, nationally in Sweden and regionally in Norrbotten. At the TTC summit, SSC participated in meetings and had a booth in the exhibition hall. The booth was visited by top-level guests from the US, the EU Commission and the Swedish Government. Among the guests were Antony Blinken (US Minister of Foreign Affairs) and Ebba Busch (Swedish Minister of Economic Affairs).

Among the topics were the position of Esrange Space Center in the US-EU context, and how the development of the base could serve as an important asset for our join security measures.

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