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October 7, 2015

General information

Launch site Kiruna area
Launch date from October 19
Mass/kg >2 kg
Balloon size Rubber balloon 200 – 4000g
Height Separation of the Test vehicle from 800 m – 40 km

The main component is a software-based Health Management System (HMS) that is integrated into the control of the vehicle. The system shall perform Failure Detection, Isolation, and Recovery (FDIR) during flight.
The HMS shall be tested in full simulation, in real-time hardware-in-the-loop simulation, and on a real vehicle demonstrator. The tests shall include at least one supersonic flight.

This is an ESA project.

The SMARTFISH campaign is now in full action. Two successful flights #1 & #2 yesterday afternoon to altitudes 600 and 1500 meters will be followed today by up to three flights. The final flight with a separation altitude of 25 km. Flights today will be launched from Luonatti road reindeer corral, Kurravaara and finally somewhere close to Nikkaluokta. All test vehicle landings are at the Esrange balloon pad.
The third fish is in the air heading for Esrange. An update from today’s flight. The test vehicle did not separate from the balloon at the designated height of 8000 meters so there will be a recovery of the vehicle inside Finland very close to the border. The other two flights planned for today will be shifted to tomorrow.
Since the test vehicle from flight #3 was not found yesterday a new recovery mission went to the landing area this morning. The conditions yesterday was too foggy at the site with no visibility. No last position was transmitted from the vehicle telemetry, so the position estimation was very rough. The vehicle was found some minutes ago and
the joy of the search party is unmistakable in the picture enclosed. The campaign might continue with a 15 km flight from Rautas today if the problem with the vehicle is quickly resolved. Failure investigation from the recovered flight #3 clearly indicated on an issue that now is corrected and the joint SSC/SMARTFISH-team is ready to perform a validation flight up to 8 km launched from Luonattivaara road reindeer corral. Launch at approximately 14.20 LT and landing around
15.00 LT.
The fifth SMARTFISH flight was launched from Rautas at 11.27. The vehicle separated at around 12 km and landed perfectly at Esrange roughly an hour after launch. The launch team is at the launch site in
Rautas again and a second launch is under preparation and will shortly take
place. Pictures from the launch
A successful launch of flight #6 at 13.31.

The SMARTFISH #6 flight approach to Esrange ended 20 km north of the balloon pad. Vehicle recovery will be on Friday.
08.30 LT this morning the SMARTFISH launch crew headed out to Miellejokka launch site. Launch, (not lunch), should be around 10.30 LT.
The objective this time is to fly up to 25 km and separate for a flight back to
Esrange. After landing this test vehicle is brought back to Miellejokka for a
second launch.

SmartFish flight #7.
The balloon lift-off was at 10.52 LT from Miellejokka
The vehicle from the seventh flight was
recovered 10 km north of Esrange. There are two flights planned from Nikkaluokta tomorrow. october 24.
SMARTFISH#8 flight started off from Nikkaluokta. The separation altitude was at 32 km. SMARTFISH flight #8 did not quite make it to Esrange. However, the preparation of the ninth flight is ongoing in Nikkaluokta.
Some last minute fixes are carried out by Stephan Bitterli of CSEM. Flight #9 was launched from Nikkaluokta at 13.50 LT. Hopefully, this vehicle will reach supersonic speed after separation at 32 km.
The missions #8 and #9 flown on Saturday was quite close to supersonic speed. Both missions ended some distance from Esrange and #8 was recovered late Saturday afternoon. Due to low visibility and low light the recovery for #9 was postponed to this week or later. The campaign is now finished. The customer is very satisfied with the results and very impressed by the professional and flexible support from Esrange.


Contact person:

Rolf Maag, Project Manager, Meteolabor
Project Management, Weather Balloons, Legal

CSEM: Software and Flight Tests

Team Smartfish: Smartfish Aircraft

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