REXUS 24 launch

March 12, 2018
REXUS 24 launch

The student rocket REXUS 24 was launched today. Unfortunately, the launch did not go as planned, but it implied no safety risks.

We are now investigating what caused the problems.

The campaign for REXUS 23/24 is now closed.


REXUS experiments are launched on an unguided, spin-stabilized rocket powered by an Improved Orion Motor with 290 kg of solid propellant. It is capable of taking 40 kg of student experiment modules to an altitude of approximately 90 km. The vehicle has a length of approx. 5.6 m and a body diameter of 35.6 cm.

The REXUS/BEXUS programme allows students from universities and higher education colleges across Europe to carry out scientific and technological experiments on research rockets and balloons. Each year, two rockets and two balloons are launched, carrying up to 20 experiments designed and built by student teams.

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