SSC Media Bank

Terms of use

Please read through before downloading SSC images and videos

In the media bank, SSC is providing you with images and other assets for non-commercial use. The person, company or organization which uses an image from SSC Media Bank is responsible for compliance with the Terms and Conditions.

Public Media Bank

(Terms for Media Bank for Employees and Agency Portal further down)

The assets in the Public Media Bank are the exclusive intellectual property of SSC and protected by copyright. They are free to download and use on the following conditions:

The asset source (usually SSC) must be specified for each publication, for example “Photo: SSC” or “Copyright: SSC”. If a photographer is stated, his or her name should be included as well.

The assets may only be used for non-commercial purposes, i.e. for educational or editorial purposes. Approval is required for any other type of use. Please see contact info on the bottom of this page for such requests. SSC reserves the right to revoke any usage licenses in individual cases at any time, with the result that the downloaded assets must not be used anymore.

Any change, processing, assembly or manipulation of the assets is not permitted and requires the prior written consent of SSC.

The assets must not be reproduced in a misleading context or in a manner that could damage SSC. The assets must also not be used in connection with criminal or other illegal acts.

SSC reserves the right to investigate any suspected improper use and to delete and change the data contained in the database at any time. The deleted data must then no longer be used.

If you cannot find suitable assets or if you have questions, please contact SSC.

SSC Media Bank for Employees

Assets from the SSC Media Bank for Employees must only be used by SSC employees and only for SSC’s purposes, like presentations, newsletters, brochures and other marketing publications. The copyright notice must be included.

Assets from the SSC Media Bank must not be passed on to external persons – neither to media representatives nor to sales partners or similar – without prior written approval from the Corporate Communications department.

Photos may be shared on social media with copyright notice. Explicit consent from persons that appear in the photo is required.

The regulations already noted for the Public Media Bank also apply.

Agency Portal

Assets from the Agency portal must only be used by agency employees and graphic designers who work with SSC and only for SSC’s purposes. Any use must only take place with SSC’s written approval. The copyright notice is to be included.

Assets from the Agency portal must not be passed on without prior written approval by SSC.

The regulations already noted for the Public Media Portal also apply.

For any enquiries concerning use of SSC’s images, please contact SSC.

Last updated on 11 March, 2021