MASER 14 rocket and “Rings for Space”

December 10, 2018
MASER 14 rocket and “Rings for Space”

In connection to the upcoming launch of MASER 14 rocket, we auction two tickets to space using the Swedish auction site Tradera. The auction starts on December 11 and the money will be donated to Musikhjälpen, a yearly non-profit initiative by the Swedish Radio with the purpose to collect money for charity.

The tickets are valid for one or several possessions belonging to a person. It could be jewelry, stamps, pins. The maximum weight is 25 gram per ticket.

– We realized we had some space left in MASER 14 and since we thought it was too small to use for scientific purposes, we thought we might offer it to the public by arranging an auction. The money goes to charity and we love the idea of making space available to the public, says Christian Krokstedt from the team behind this initiative.

The winner of the auction will inform SSC of the chosen object, and thereafter send it to SSC.  The owner signs a contract together with SSC and the item will be placed safely inside the rocket before launch. It will spend approximately six minutes in “real” Space, meaning above the Karman line which lies at an altitude of approximately 100 kilometers above the Earth.

After the space journey, SSC will send the item back to its owner together with a certificate of completed space travel together with photo evidence.

MASER 14 is planned to be launched in June 2019.

The raised money will support disabled people around the world
The auction money will go to Musikhjälpen and the raised money will support disabled people around the world. Musikhjälpen is the Swedish version of “Serious Request”, a TV- and radio show broadcasted a week before Christmas every year. The aim is to collect money for a charity project by locking up the host of the show in a so-called glass cage for six days without access to food (only drink). Viewers and listeners can call the host and make requests for songs they would like to listen to while donating a sum of money. This year the money will go to projects and organizations that help and support disabled people around the world.

Detailed information about the auction can be found on Tradera (Swedish auction website) from 11 December.

The auction is now closed and the winning bid ended at 16 000 SEK. SSC is trying to get hold of the winner.


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