April 6, 2011

The first MASER rocket was launched in March 1987. It is a complete, cost-effective concept for short duration microgravity research with international user participation. An experienced project team runs MASER and offers experiment modules, subsystems and frequent flight opportunities.

General information


Launch site Esrange Space Center
Launch date First hot count down 13 February 2012
Customer ESA
Prime contractor SSC

Technical information


Rocket type VSB 30 rocket
Nominal diameter 17 inches
Mass 390 kg
Apogee 250 km
Microgravity >6 min

Experiment modules


Module Experimenter
Biomics-2 Prime contractor: SSC
Subcontractor: Lambda-X
PI: Podgorski et al.
XRMON-GF Prime contractor: SSC
PI: Nguyen-Thi et al.
SOURCE-2 Prime contractor: SSC
Sub contractor: DTM Technologies
PI: Colin et al.


Prime contractor: SSC
Subcontractor: CCM and Dutch SpacePI: Peppelenbosch et al.
PI: Cogoli et al.
(MASER service module)
Developed by: SSC and DLR
Subcontractor: Techno System
Recovery System Developed by: DLR and Kayser-Threde


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