Esrange to new offices in Kiruna city center

March 22, 2022
Esrange to new offices in Kiruna city center

Parts of our operations at Esrange Space Center will move to Kiruna city center in 2023. The new offices will be located near the town hall.

We are undergoing a major expansion as we are developing Esrange to start launching satellites in the beginning of 2023. The same year we will also start testing Europe’s reusable rocket program Themis.

The new office in Kiruna is a part of the ongoing expansions.

­­­– We are becoming the first company in Europe with these services. Thus, we need new colleagues and larger premises. To establish an office in the new Kiruna center, close to all other business activities, the municipal and the Space Campus, is just right for us, says Lennart Poromaa, Esrange Site Manager.

The 1200-square-meter office will have 70 workplaces in an open and activity-based solution, for a more flexible work climate.

– Future work environment will be essentially more flexible. The time when our employees needed to work at the same place is over and we aim for solutions combined with remote work, which will be in great demand in the labor market, says Lennart Poromaa and adds:

– We will be at the forefront, and we believe that together with our working conditions the new office will make us more attractive as employers.

The premises are rented out by the municipal real estate company Kiruna Bostäder.

– This is a fantastic establishment, which will strengthen the Kiruna center. Space together with the hospitality industry are endless resources that our city should bring into the next century, says Stefan Sydberg, chairman of Kiruna Bostäder.

The new office will be ready for moving in after the summer of 2023.

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