Author: Helsingborg Design LAB AB

Exploring the Moon – aiming for the Universe

09:06 am . June 8, 2022

After fifty years, mankind is going back to the Moon, and this time for a longer stay. Exploring the Moon further is another step towards human development on Earth and a steppingstone for future missions to Mars. Ultimately, aiming for[...]

SSC’s longtime employee awarded the Thulin medal

13:05 pm . May 17, 2022

SSC’s longtime employee Stig-Ove Silverlind, based at Esrange, has been awarded the Thulin Medal in silver. With his long experience and expertise, he has, among other projects, kept the Odin satellite in operation since February 2001 despite operational disruptions and[...]

Half a century in Space – now gazing into the future

07:04 am . April 20, 2022

Together with NASA, through the Artemis program, SSC is going back to the Moon with plans to explore more of the lunar surface and to build a permanent base camp there. And later preparing for the next giant leap: sending[...]