Category: Balloon Missions

BEXUS 32 and 33 launched with great success

09:09 am . September 26, 2023

Both BEXUS 32 and 33 were successfully launched from Esrange Space Center, despite very challenging weather with 38 cm of snowfall less than 24 hours before the first launch.

Third and final HEMERA balloon launched

11:09 am . September 14, 2022

Early morning at 3:20 CET, on 7 September, this year’s third and final balloon within the HEMERA program was launched from Esrange Space Center in northern Sweden.

XL-Calibur reached the sky: “The most beautiful launch”

09:07 am . July 13, 2022

Another successful launch of a giant balloon has taken place at Esrange Space Center outside Kiruna in northern Sweden.