Anna Hidalgo Larsson

System Engineer at the Orbital Launch and Rocket Test "Space systems involve so many different types of technologies, which means that I learn a lot about various areas."

Anna Hidalgo Larsson

Why did you start working for SSC?

SSC is a company I have known about for many years. I have an old school book at home from when I was 11 years old in which I had written about Esrange Space Center. Before I started my studies at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) I was an intern and summer worker at Esrange, so when the time came to look for a master thesis SSC was definitely on my radar. I wrote my thesis at the company and when I had finished SSC offered me a role as a System Engineer at the Orbital Launch and Rocket Test (OLRT) division. The projects at OLRT are exactly in line with the space technology development that I find exciting, so I decided to accept.

What do you do in your current work?

The scope of my role is to work with the development of the new Launch Complex 3 (LC3) at Esrange, from where we will launch orbital rockets and perform rocket re-usability tests. In particular, I am responsible for the Launch Control Center, where we will manage the launches and tests. My role is very varied as I am also involved in several projects with many different tasks and systems. Writing and handling requirements, engaging in customer dialogue, investigating which new systems we require, and cooperating with other groups are examples of what I do.

What makes you passionate about your work?

I have been passionate about space technology for a very long time, which also applies to my current work. Space systems need to endure tough conditions, and this pushes the related technologies forward. I also like the fact that so many different types of technologies are involved in space systems, which means that I learn a lot about various areas. I really appreciate this diversity. 

How would you describe SSC as an employer?

SSC is keen to show that their employees are important. They also allow employees to grow and are not afraid to face new challenges and business areas.

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